Information about the heat transition in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, agreed measures are included in the Climate Agreement. Together we are going to significantly reduce CO2 emissions: by 49% in 2030 compared to 1990, and by 95% in 2050. This will help prevent the earth from warming by more than two degrees Celsius and facing widespread major problems.

The Heating Expertise Centre (ECW)

Municipalities play an important role in realizing the international climate agreements of Paris (2015). At regional level via the Regional Energy Strategy (RES) and at municipal level via the Vision on Heat Transition.

The Netherlands has chosen to make municipalities responsible for improving the sustainability of the built environment. All municipalities must draw up a plan (at district level) by the end of 2021 on how they plan to make the built environment more sustainable (Vision on Heat Transition). They must indicate which districts they plan to tackle before 2030 and the envisaged final picture in 2050. The aim is that 1.5 million homes will have been made naturalgas-free by 2030, as agreed in the Climate Agreement.

The Heating Expertise Centre is set up to help municipalities make their vision on heat  transition. For all districts in all municipalities a start analysis is made on what the national costs will be for the different strategies to become climate neutral.

This page gives a general overview of the information about the heat transition in the Netherlands that is available in English.

General information about the climate policy and heat transition

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